• Daughters of Dolma

    In the heart of Nepal, a distinct group of people maintains a unique way of life. They are bound by a tradition handed down through countless generations. They shave their heads, dress in maroon robes and commit to monastic vows.
    Here is a story about being a woman in the midst of an ancient tradition, living with modernity in a city like Kathmandu, a community of diverse backgrounds and personalities aspiring for the same goal.

  • Legacy of Menla

    Traditional Tibetan Medicine has cured many and given hope to many more. Despite this reality, it is still sidelined as spiritual, alternative, and irrational with questions raised about its efficacy. Understanding its underlying science, or asking the individuals involved in its curing process, has rarely been the focus. This documentary film reveals an outlook of Tibetan Medicine on modern illnesses, and takes a very close look at what this medical system has to offer - through the p...

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"Good cinema is what we can believe and bad cinema is what
we can't believe. What you see and believe in is very much
what I'm interested in."                         (Abbas Kiarostami)


 "Dream as if you'll live forever,
live as if you'll die today"
                                         (James Dean)